Auto Parts eCommerce Web Design & Development

Auto Parts eCommerce Website Design & Development

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Auto Parts eCommerce Web Design & Development

eCommerce Website Design & Development Details

  • Client : AutoFindParts
  • eCommerce Service : Complete eCommerce website design
  • Technology Stack : PHP / JavaScript
Online Revenue Growth
Increase in orders
Increase in conversion

Auto Parts eCommerce Website design and development

AutoFindParts, wanted to provide a high performance eCommerce website that would be integrated with Ebay's application programming interfaces (API), enabling site visitors to dynamically locate specific automotive parts based on a particular make and model of vehicle.

eCommerce Web Design Challenge

AutoFindParts wanted a completely redesigned eCommerce website which would be modern and responsive, enabling effective use by a wide variety of mobile devices.

eCommerce Software Development Strategy and solution

Because Indies eCommerce has years of experience with a variety of APIs including Ebay's, a completely built a completely redesigned AutoFindParts's eCommerce website, which is now fast, responsive and highly functional.

eCommerce Transformation

AutoFindParts eCommerce site is now well integrated with the Ebay API, enabling dynamic search results for more than 23 million products.