eCommerce Web Design & Development for Wrought Iron Store

Wrought Iron Store eCommerce Website ReDesign & Development

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eCommerce Web Design & Development for Wrought Iron Store

eCommerce Website Design & Development Details

  • Client : WroughtWorks
  • eCommerce Service : eCommerce website redesign
  • Technology Stack : PHP / JavaScript
Online Revenue Growth
Increase in orders
Increase in conversion

eCommerce Wrought Iron Store Website Redesign & Development

WroughtWorks, provides an extensive selection of wrought iron decor and home furnishings.

eCommerce Software Development Challenge

WroughtWorks was using the WooCommerce eCommerce platform, which they found to be very limiting in terms of the ability to implement custom functionality and lacking in performance.

WroughtWorks wanted to have a modern, responsive and highly functional eCommerce website, where their customers would be able to easily find and purchase their wrought iron products.

“Magento and Shopify didn’t meet our needs”

As told to Indies eCommerce by Todd Simon, Chief Technology Officer, WroughtWorks.

When going through the process of searching for a new eCommerce platform, we assessed Magento and Shopify. Magento was quickly ruled out because we had been on the Magento platform before and didn’t have a great experience.

As for Shopify, it was very clear that WroughtWorks would be “just a number” in a list of clients and we wouldn’t get much attention from their development team. This is something we also experienced on Salesforce Commerce Cloud which was discouraging. Also, Shopify didn’t seem scalable enough for our operation. We were determined to grow long-term into a big business, and we knew because of that, we wouldn’t be able to go with Shopify.

With Indies eCommerce, on the other hand, we felt that we’d be entering into a mutually beneficial partnership. The website design team at Indies eCommerce gave us the peace of mind that we were working with a company that genuinely wanted us to succeed and that together we could create a great ecommerce experience for our customer. This initial feeling has held true throughout the time we’ve worked with the Indies eCommerce team over the past year.

eCommerce Software Development Strategy and solution

Indies eCommerce assessed WroughtWorks existing eCommerce system and and confirmed WroughtWorks findings that the site was lacking in performance and required excessive modifications to achieve the custom eCommerce functionality that they wanted. Because the existing eCommerce system was WooCommerce, any modifications had to rely on and work within the WordPress framework.

Indies eCommerce first exported all of their existing products, post and categories from their WordPress / WooCommerce installation. Based on WroughtWorks preference for eCommerce features, functionality and site design, a complete eCommerce website was developed.

eCommerce Transformation

Our previous eCmmerce platform, WooCommerce, was difficult and expensive to manage and maintain. It was slow and didn’t enable us to have the features or functionality we wanted. Indies eCommerce helped us to make the right eCommerce platform choice. We are so happy with our new site's performance, how easy it is for customers to buy products and our revenue is now more than 4 times what it was.

With the custom eCommerce design and development of WroughtWorks's eCommerce application, WroughtWorks now has their own custom eCommerce system with all of the features and functionality they wanted. Based on emails they receive, customers are much happier and more likely to buy because of not having to wait for pages to load and the responsive web design has opened up a whole new stream of revenue coming from mobile device visitors.