eCommerce Web Design & Development Services

Custom eCommerce Website Design & Development services.

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eCommerce Website Design and Development Services

eCommerce website development service by an experienced eCommerce web design company. Agile, growth driven ecommerce website design eliminates the risks of traditional web design by taking a systematic approach to development and shortens the time to deployment.

How do you implement the best performing eCommerce website?

Through careful attention to the user interface, usability, ecommerce conversion factors, inbound marketing and continuous improvements, you can reach peak performance and know you're providing meaningful value to your customers.

It's a smarter, agile and data driven approach that enables you to avoid the pitfalls of traditional eCommerce web design and produce a high performing eCommerce website.

eCommerce Website Requirements & Discovery

The first step in the eCommerce web design process is to develop an outline of your website and all of the features and functionality you would like to have included. This initial requirements specification is like a blueprint for your eCommerce website project. Through an in-depth discovery process, we'll be able to understand your back-end functionality and front-end design requirements.

Custom eCommerce Website Design

Your custom eCommerce design and branding is based on your particular business. Our development team will create an eCommerce website that is built with your custom functionality, that performs well and looks great.

Checkout & Credit Card Processing

Whether you would like a basic checkout or a customized checkout process, our web development team can handle your needs. Your shopping cart can also integrate with many standard eCommerce payment processors and custom payment gateway integrations can be created.

Custom eCommerce Functionality

If you would like to create a unique website or have custom business rules to make managing your eCommerce website easier, we have an in-house development team to implement your requests.

Amazon / eBay / Marketplace / CRM Integrations

Your eCommerce website can be integrated with your CRM system or other 3rd party services, including Amazon and eBay. These integrations will provide real time data, help you to keep your data synced, and provide the best experience possible to your website users.

eCommerce Email Marketing

eCommerce email marketing campaigns are one of the highest converting marketing channels. Your eCommerce website can work with your email campaign provider and we can help you design and develop effective email marketing strategies.

eCommerce Product & Data Imports

Importing your current product data, customers or past order history are just a few examples of the data imports that are often completed. Regardless of the data you need moved, we have a lot of experience managing data imports and database conversions.

SEO Friendly eCommere Development

All of our eCommerce web design and development is optimized for SEO and performance. Our marketing experts will be involved in your project from the beginning, to ensure your site's organic search engine ranking are improved.

eCommerce Services

Complete eCommerce website design and development services. Including custom eCommerce applications, eCommerce websites with powerful features. Custom eCommerce software that enables you to quickly and effectively set up your shop and start selling online.

eCommerce Web Design

eCommerce website design that presents your online retail business effectively can enhance your customers’ experience, inspire and convert browsers to buyers.

eCommerce Web Development

Custom eCommerce web development enables your online shop to work exactly the way you would like. Your eCommerce website could have all of your desired features and functionality while remaining agile and completely customizable.

eCommerce Applications

Custom eCommerce applications, in addition to providing custom functionality can include integration with payment processors which provide real-time credit card processing and shipping APIs from UPS, Fedex, and the USPS which provide shipping quotes and tracking.

eCommerce web design that enhances your customers’ experience

Indies eCommerce Services provide on-line shopping cart modifications, customization, installation, configuration, setup, maintenance, performance and security improvements. Indies eCommerce understands the importance of utilizing the latest technologies to maximize profitability, by enabling your eCommerce website to be accessed from a variety of devices and work well on all of them. Indies eCommerce has been providing eCommerce solutions to businesses since 1995.

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